The Ultrabreathe® is a highly effective inspiratory/expiratory muscle trainer, offering a straightforward and convenient method to enhance the strength and endurance of respiratory muscles.

The device operates on the principle of resistance. When you inhale, the resistance created by the device demands greater effort from your respiratory muscles. The harder they work, the stronger and more durable they become. As your breathing power improves, the Ultrabreathe® can be gradually adjusted to provide increased resistance.

The Ultrabreathe® device is patented and bears both the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) and CE marks, indicating compliance with rigorous health and safety standards set by the UK and Europe. It is manufactured in the UK to meet these stringent standards. With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, the Ultrabreathe® has gained recognition as a reputable tool for respiratory muscle training.

Ultrabreathe longentrainer

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